Becoming a Brika affiliate is a great way to earn extra cash for you and your professional practice.

Brika affiliates form part of the Brika professional team . Affiliates earn a fixed percentage of the sales of Brika products made to clients that purchase slabs in exchange for tasks and checks completed by the affiliate on behalf of Brika slabs. To earn their fee, Affiliates must perform a few simple tasks and check these off on the affiliate online system.

There are 3 types of Brika Affiliate:

1. Agent:

An Agent can be an individual or a company (such as a Quantity Surveyor, Contractor or Hardware store) . Agents can be anyone or be part of any company knowledgeable or involved in the building industry. Agents are responsible for:

  • Making sure Brika Customers follow safety guidelines and checking on the safety aspects of the customers installation
  • Visit site and assist customers in making sure that physical measurements match up and confirm to the cutting list
  • Inspect Installation after completion and approve installation

Hardware stores can directly sell Brika slabs to their customers and earn a Agents fee as well as opt to mark up on the resale of slabs. Contractors may also resell slabs at a profit.

2. Engineer:

An Engineer Affiliate is a professional civil or structural engineer. Engineers earn a fixed percentage of the sales price as a fee for doing and ‘checking off’ the following:

  • Submitted Brika a cutting list ( The engineer is welcome to charge a fair professional fee to the client for drawing up the cutting list. The fee earned is for submitting the cutting list to Brika through the web upload system)
  • Inspect site

Any qualified structural or Civil engineer may become a Brika Engineer Affiliate.

3. Architect:

An Architect Affiliate can be any qualified Draftsman, Architectural Technologist , or Professional Architect. Architects earn a fixed percentage of the sales price as a fee from Brika for doing/ ‘Checking off’ the following:

  • Taking the time to recommend and explain the benefits and cost saving advantages of using Brika Slabs
  • Inspect Site and warn customers to take physical measurements to confirm cutting list. Assist customer if need be (The architect can opt to charge a professional fee for the callout to the Customer)
  • Check if the client is happy and satisfied with the Brika product.

To sign up as an affiliate you will need to complete the form located on the “Register As An Affiliate’ page of this website. Please read through the agreemant and PRINT and sign the ‘Affiliate/Banking verification form and confirmation of acceptance af the Affiliate agreements’ PDF that will be sent to you via email. This signed form must be sent to Brika Headoffice by post or courier.