Top 30 Marvelous Architectural Feats on the Planet

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Who could have imagined that something that only sparked as ideas are now a part of the material world, and are now considered as the world’s massive and majestic architectural feats?

Now, we are listing some of the planet’s most marvelous, and somewhat unimaginable, buildings from some of the greatest minds that shaped our modern world today.

1.  Valencia Opera House

2.  National Center for the Performing Arts

3.  Fallingwater

4.  Petronas Twin Towers

5.  Sydney Opera House

6.  The Louvre

7.  Burj Khalifa

8.  Turning Torso

9.  Millau Viaduct

10.  Bird’s Nest Stadium, Beijing

11.  ARIA Resort and Casino

12.  BMW Welt

13.  New National Opera House

14.  The National Art Center, Tokyo

15.  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

16.  Farnsworth House

17.  California Academy of Sciences

18.  Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church

19.  Cooper Union Building

20.  The Copenhagen Opera House

21.  Yoyogi National Gymnasium

22.  Harpa

23.  Seattle Central Library

24.  Wembley Stadium

25.  Neue Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart

26.  KUMU

27.  Cartier Foundation

28.  Saint-Pierre, Firminy

29.  V.C. Morris Gift Shop

30.  Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

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